Boy survives balcony fall thanks to bouncy palm trees

Toddler falls from the 17th floor and escapes!


A 4-year-old boy fell from a hotel balcony on the 17th floor and survived after bouncing off palm trees, which cushioned his fall.


Curious toddler Joey Williams fell 80ft from his parent’s hotel balcony in Florida, but was saved by the palm trees below, luckily escaping with just minor injuries.

The lucky lad managed to come away with no broken bones or internal bleeding. In fact, he was ready to tuck into a bag of chips less than four hours after his ordeal!

It’s thought Joey chased a balloon out onto the balcony of the hotel room and toppled over the railing trying to reach it.


Miami Fire Rescue, who came to Joey’s aid after the fall, called his lucky escape “amazing”.


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