Boy tries to smuggle pet turtle onto plane in his pants

8-year-old Congcong Tai tried to sneak his pet past airport security


Faced with the heartbreak of leaving his pet turtle behind, 8-year-old Congcong Tai did the only thing he could to stay with his beloved pet… He hid him in his underpants.


Congcong had spent the summer at his grandparents’ house and was told he couldn’t take his new reptile friend with him on the flight home. Unable to face leaving him behind, Congcong wrapped him in a bag and hid him in his shorts, according to the Metro.

But unfortunately for Congcong, the turtle wasn’t good at hiding, and when the pet started to wriggle, he was rumbled by staff at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, in Guangdong province, China.

“She (the grandmother) had told him to leave the pet behind but he had disobeyed her and tried to smuggle it on board the plane,” said border guards spokesman Hu Hsieh. “When the customs officials noticed he was trying to hide something, he tried to cover it up, and when his grandma asked him what he was hiding he tried to cover it up even more.”

Luckily for Congcong, the airport staff let the turtle travel in the cargo hold – so he did manage to get his pet home in the end. Phew!

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