Every pregnant wedding guest’s worst nightmare came true… when the bride’s best friend found that her waters were breaking just seconds after arriving at the wedding!


Amanda Hutchinson, wife of the best man Gareth, had turned down the chance to be a bridesmaid because she’d be heavily pregnant by the time the nuptials came round. But the 28-year-old could never have imagined she’d end up as the centre of attention by giving birth on the day.

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Amanda's waters broke as she arrived at the wedding in Darlington, County Durham.

The bride (also called Amanda) had just finished putting on her dress when the best man ran in to the hotel shouting that his wife was giving birth outside.

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"At first I didn't believe him because he had been so nervous about his speech that he had joked about spilling water on the floor and saying his wife's waters had broken to get out of doing it," she said. "But then I saw that he was serious and my mum and bridesmaids ran down to help.

Pregnant Amanda was quickly rushed into a car outside the hotel wedding venue – but there wasn’t enough time to make it to hospital. Amanda was already starting to go into second-stage labour.

An ambulance car quickly arrived and the team started to turn the car into a makeshift delivery room.


As guests milled around, the mother of the bride, bridesmaids and dad-to-be rallied together and collected bedsheets from the hotel. They then held them up around the car to give Amanda some privacy from guests and interested passers-by!

"They had to get huge sheets from the hotel to cover up the car because there was such a commotion and everyone was staring at her," explained bride Amanda.


Amanda then gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Amanda and her 7lb 9oz daughter were taken to hospital and missed the ceremony on Saturday morning. Her husband Gareth went with them and so missed his best man duties while the bride and groom went on with the ceremony.


Luckily bride Amanda Vasey was more than happy to share the limelight – and the pictures of the bride and groom with the newborn have become the bride's favourite from the drama-filled day.

"She kept saying sorry she had ruined the day and all that but she hadn't ruined it," bride Amanda said. "It's funny actually because she totally shied away from the wedding because she was pregnant. She didn't want to be in the pictures and she didn't come to the hen do.

"But in the end it all ended up being about her!"


The new baby doesn’t have a name yet have a name, but the couple have discussed calling her Amanda, after her mother and the bride.

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