Forget global tours with boy bands and playing a heartthrob on Coronation Street, it’s being a good dad to his 11-year-old autistic daughter, Mia, and his son, Jay, that’s important to Keith Duffy.

Mia’s autism means that she’s very set in her ways and likes routine. Keith’s keen to be back in Ireland where he can play a bigger role in her and Jay’s lives.

Keith told the Sun newspaper that his wife of 17 years, Lisa, has been doing all of the running around – from school to all of their sporting commitments - and Keith admits his children need their daddy around.

Moving Mia and the family over to England just isn’t an option for Keith so he’s swapped the street for a six month stint in the touring play Big Maggie.

But it isn’t just family time that Keith’s got in mind – he has to take back his crown as the hunk of the family. Son Jay has earned a huge following on Twitter after popping up in Hollyoaks, with his Justin Beiber looks giving him loads of female attention. Poor Keith says it’s only the nans that love him now!

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