Brad Pitt splashes out $10,000 on boys clothes – for his daughter!

Tomboy Shiloh demands boys-only outfits while sister Zahara stocks up on dresses in Paris

Being the daughter of Hollywood’s most talked about couple has it perks, as 3-year-old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt found out after a mammoth shopping spree with her daddy Brad Pitt in Paris.


The dad-of-six took his two girls, Shiloh and 5-year-old Zahara, for a bout of retail therapy. First stop was exclusive children’s boutique Bonpoint on Rue De L’Universite, where the actor reportedly flexed his plastic and spent a whooping $10,000 on children’s clothes.

Zahara made the most of the pretty dresses and designer accessories, but her little sis Shiloh had other ideas. “Shiloh was getting antsy while Zahara shopped in the girls’ department and she finally started whining to get Brad to take her over to the boys clothing,” a source told X17.

The cute little tomboy only had eyes for boyish fashion and demanded that her daddy bought her the boy’s collection of jeans, hoodies and shirts “Shiloh wanted ONLY boys’ clothes. She had absolute NO interest I the pretty dresses or skirts,” the source revealed.


Suri Cruise better watch her back as it seems like there’s a new mini diva in town!

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