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We reveal the bright new things which will be serious contenders for a place in your tots toy box

Héro dolls

Save our Friends Ocean collection

Lalaloopsy dolls

With Christmas just around the corner, every parent in the land will start to hit the panic button what to buy their little ones. Other than checking out our FABULOUS Christmas gift guide for all ages, we know you’ll need all the help you can get (if only Santa was a real dude eh?)


This is why we rallied round the latest, brand spanking new toys to hit the toyworld so that you are clued up on what’s hot (or not, you decide) in time for Christmas.

First up is Silver Cross and their colourful new Riverbank range. Featuring cute little river characters like Webster Frog and Flo Dragonfly (our fave is Bob the Duck) who pop up on a variety of different toys and games.

Amongst the rattles, baby gyms, huggers and travel toys is the rather cool duck rocker! We loved this gem of a ride-on where your child can jump and on rock to their hearts desire. This gem costs £80 and will be available soon on Silver Cross online.

Another hot new children’s toy is the unusually named Héro doll. Made entirely from organic cotton, hypoallergenic alpaca felt and stuff with natural fibres, this eco-friendly cuddly is definitely more than what it says on the cover.

Every kooky doll comes with a plantable paper label that your child can watch it grow into a magnificent spruce tree! Amazing eh? Created by designer Ani Spooner, these cool dolls all come with their own ‘special powers’ and are plush enough to snuggly with when the lights go off. They cost around £24 and can be purchased here.

Seeing as we’re all loving toys with a conscience, let us introduce the Save Our Friends cuddly toy range. Helping save our furry, feathered and finned friends who are in danger of going extinct, each of these 20 gorgeously plush animals raise funds for charities like Born Free Foundation, Marine Conservation Society and World Land Trust.

We particularly loved the Ocean range – how blimming cool is the Octopus?! Buy yours here for £29.95 each.

This one is for the girls… go ‘La La’ for the LalaLoopsy dolls! These colouful little things aren’t your average doll, oh no. Each is made from a unique fabric and have all been lovingly sewn together – plus have buttons for eyes. Anyone who has ever seen the Coraline film do not fret, the buttons aren’t evil, in fact, they are quite whimsical.

The new MGA Entertainment toys each come with a unique ‘Sewn on Date’ when they were made and each of the 8 characters have a story to tell. For example ‘Crumbs Cookie’ doll is made from a baking apron, ‘Bea Spell-a-lot was created by using school uniform fabric and ‘Peanut Big Top’ was made with piece of fabric from a clowns costume.


These cool little dolls are £19.97 each and available to buy here.

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