Brand new MadeForMums Neighbourhood revealed… soon!

Watch out for our exciting Neighbourhood launch - due in a few days’ time!


It’s a big week for MadeForMums as we’re nearly at launch date for MadeForMums Neighbourhood, which will bring a whole new way of using our site! 


Have you ever wanted a site to tell you what’s on in your local area or where to go with your family? Or wanted to tell mums like you about your favourite places, and share what you think is great? Or just find out where the nearest facilities are to where you live? Then MFM Neighbourhood is for you.

As a MFM member you’ll find your pages are instantly personalised – just click into the Neighbourhood section for lots of info on your local area. You’ll also be able to chat to other mums in your neighbourhood, swapping local ideas, reviews and news.

If you’re not a member, you’ll be asked for your postcode, which will enable you to see lots of the activities in your neighbourhood. However, to get the full interactive Neighbourhood experience, you’ll need to join MadeForMums.


All will be revealed in the next few days…


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