Breastfeeding doll for toddlers

It’s true – there really is a dolly that your child can breastfeed!


Dolls that can merely cry, drink, eat and wet their nappies may be on their way out if a new Spanish doll takes off.


The Bebe Gloton, which means greedy baby in Spanish, looks like a regular doll, but comes with a less-than-regular feature – you can ‘breastfeed’ it.

The doll comes with a bra-like halter-top for your child to wear, which is clad with two flowers over the nipples. The baby doll then latches onto the flowers and even makes a suckling sound.

The people behind the creation, Spanish toy company Berjuan, have designed the doll to promote breastfeeding but it has been slammed by concerned parents, who believe that it is inappropriate for little girls to play with. However, fans of the Bebe Gloton believe that it is simply mimicking a healthy, natural act between mum and baby and shouldn’t be frowned upon.

The life-like doll measures 50cm in length (the average length of a newborn) and is currently only available in Spain.


So MFM mums, what do you think? Is Bebe Gloton a harmless toy or totally inappropriate? Tell us now…


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