Bride gives birth on wedding day…and goes back to reception!

Contractions during wedding vows didn’t stop one mum-to-be from getting married


We’re all for multi-tasking, but we take our hats off to the woman who gave birth and got married on the same day.


Danielle, 19, and Aaron Clewlow, 25, from Stoke-on-Trent welcomed their second baby boy just hours after they’d said ‘I do’, reports the Daily Mail. Their son, Paddy, weighed 7lb 7oz and joined the wedding reception later with his mum and dad.

Now mum-of-two, Danielle admitted, “I had such a big bump that friends and family joked I could give birth on my wedding day”. Turns out they were right!

Danielle chose to ignore contractions while she was getting ready, admitting sometimes it was “difficult to sit still”. As contractions continued during their vows Danielle pushed on (no pun intended) and revealed, “I was determined to marry”.

But guests had started to notice things were moving along rather swiftly. “I know some guests did become concerned as they could tell when I was having a particularly painful contraction just by looking at my face,” Danielle said.

As the evening celebrations got underway the blushing bride decided to go to the hospital. “The pains were much stronger,” Danielle said, “And my mum said she thought I should get out of my wedding dress.”
Giving birth just half an hour after arriving at the hospital Danielle admitted, “In hindsight I had no idea how close I came to having Paddy at the reception.”

After getting a clean bill of health from the hospital, the newlyweds returned to their reception with baby Paddy. Perhaps their friends and family expected nothing less from the couple, having already iced a newborn baby onto their wedding cake!

Danielle said, “Aaron and I both felt so proud- becoming a Mrs and a mum of two on the same day was fantastic. And we couldn’t have asked for a better wedding present.”

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