Britain’s average family is worth £204,000

New statistics reveal how wealthy we really are


It’s been revealed that the average British family is worth £204, 500 after all their worldly possessions are added up. The Office for National Statistics worked out the total by adding the value of the family home against its mortgage, cash, savings, possessions and pensions.


Married couples are likely to be worth £414,1000, which is nearly 17 times more than the average single parent household. A good education also seemed to be a major factor. An average household headed by someone with a degree was valued at £400,200, but for someone without qualifications, the figure was £105,500.


More than 30,000 families and householders were questioned by the Wealth and Asset survey between 2006 and 2008, before the recession hit. Families’ own estimates of the value of their possessions averaged £29,900. Household goods, from furniture to electrical items came to about £25,000, and the rest was made up of cars and bikes. 1 in 8 homes also owned paintings, antiques or other valuables worth around £5,000.

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