Britain’s Got Talent hit ‘Where’s My Keys’ has already been covered – by Amanda Holden’s daughter!

Amanda Holden’s eldest daughter Lexi invents own Nana inspired version of BGT star Mr Zip’s educational song


They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and Britain’s Got Talent auditionee Mr Zip’s hilarious song Where My Keys has already been covered. Not just by anyone, either! Mr Zip – or Zippy as Simon Cowell insisted he should be known – has had a revamp by judge Amanda Holden’s 6-year-old daughter, Lexi.


Inspired by her Nana, who Amanda revealed on Twitter is staying with them, Lexi’s new version is called Where My Pills Where My Glasses. Clearly Nana has often been in that situation where she’s lost her pills and she’s lost her glasses. We’ve been trying it out with baby-related items – Where My Wipes sounds pretty good!

Repeating the words ‘where my keys’ and ‘where my phone’ a thousand times over is certainly an unlikely hit, but Mr Zip says there’s more to come. “Mr Zip got a few. Remember I am national curriculum. I do things like Anti Bullying, Identity, Stranger Danger I do a lot of stuff like that,” Mr Zip told the Metro.


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