Britain’s largest restaurant can’t fit a baby – unless you pay £3

Shocked mum told to pay £3 for her newborn baby to be in 800-seat restaurant as he was taking up too much space


The largest restaurant in Britain has 800 seats, sprawls across 22,000 sqft…but can’t make room for a 6-week-old baby. Unless you’re willing to pay, that is.


Natasha Young, mum to 6 week old Kaedon, was asked to cough up £3 as her pushchair was taking up space. Natasha had booked a table in the busy Cosmo restaurant in Croydon, and even after offers to take the buggy back to their car was told she’d still be expected to pay £3. Unsurprisingly a spokeswoman refused to comment on the restaurant’s policy after staff refused to remove the charge.

The restaurant has recently been criticised by fire inspectors for having inadequate escape routes, poorly lit emergency exits and having not reviewed its fire risk assessment. It’s a wonder where all those extra £3 fees are going!


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