Britain’s ‘pregnant’ men – mystery solved!

Why Britain has 17,000 ‘pregnant’ men


It has been reported that between 2009 and 2010 thousands of men were in need of pregnancy-related services at their doctor’s or the hospital.


Before you fall off your chair with shock, this doesn’t mean a wave of male pregnancy has swept Britain.

The reason for 17,000 men requiring services usually only needed by mums-to-be could be the result of something much less interesting reports The Washington Post. Researchers analysing the data have found it may be due to medical coding errors.

The findings, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) this week, aims to highlight how much data is wrongly entered into our medical system. And, we think, it’s definitely proved its point.

“We suspect that the numbers may, at least partly, reflect data errors,” wrote Laura Brennan, Mando Watson and Robert Klaber. “Some of these may be due to similarities in the main specialty codes.”

This means that the men weren’t being treated for pregnancy-related services but were at the doctor for procedures that had medical codes similar to those of midwifery and obstetric services.

This certainly made us smile. Talk about some serious typos!


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