Britax issues buggy safety advice

Free hinge cover kit to prevent little fingers getting caught in Viva and Nexus buggies


Britax has just announced it is offering owners of Britax Nexus buggies a free ‘remedy kit.’ The Nexus buggy model has also been sold under the name ‘Viva’, and the kits will be available to Nexus/Viva owners regardless of manufacturing date.


The remedy kit contains two covers that fit over the hinges found on either side of the buggy. While there’s been no injuries reported, Britax has decided there’s a potential risk of injury if your child’s finger or hand is popped in the folding hinge mechanism as the buggy’s being folded or unfolded.

The buggy meets the European safety regulations, and this is just a precautionary measure being taken. Until you get your free kit, the company has said in a press release, “Britax recommends that consumers take extra caution to be sure that the stroller is opened or closed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that fingers and hands are kept away from the stroller when doing so.”


If you own a Britax Nexus or Britax Viva, you can call the Britax Child Safety, Customer Service Department on 01264 386034 or email


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