Imagine you've made it to the top of your career with extraordinary array of jobs behind you - like directing some of the world's most famous art galleries - and then, at 64, you decide to quit and move to sunny California.


Nice, eh? Time to put your feet up? Errrr, not if you're Dame Julia Peyton-Jones.

Nope, Julia has decided to become a mum, and has welcomed her 1st baby.

Dame Julia has become the UK's oldest first-time mum - a title that previously went to Susan Tollefson, who had her 1st child at 57 and went on to tell the press how she struggled to bring a little one up in her 60s.

Apparently Julia kept the news on the down-low and left the art world stunned by the announcement that she's now mum to a little girl called Pia.

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She's not shared details of who the father is or whether the baby was born via surrogate, IVF or some other means.

A friend, financier Robin Saunders, told the Evening Standard: “This is the most exciting news! Julia will be a wonderful mother and role model for her daughter.

"I wish her happiness with Pia.”

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