British families rate camping as top holiday

Back-to-basics camping trips are the UK family holiday of choice, survey reveals


Ditching the gadgets, iPhones and mod-cons to slum it in a tent with the children in tow may not sound like every family’s cup of tea, however according to a recent survey by Argos, more than half of families in the UK are doing just this.


The best part about choosing a camping ‘staycation’, the survey found, was having a break from modern technology. “Not only does camping offer a less stressful holiday as we turn off our technology, it also means that parents can pass on the great memories that they have of childhood camping to their children,” Mark Steel, from Argos, said.

Proving that us parents and our children still love to get outdoors were the 31,000 families who joined the UK Camping and Caravanning Club in 2009.

“I’m a huge camping fan. It offers the chance to be part of the great outdoors, go back to basics and relax. It offers a chance to take a break from technology, de-stress and spend quality time with your family,” says celeb dad-of-one Ben Fogle.


If you and your family fancy camping under the stars this summer, check out MFM’s guide to the best family friendly campsites. If you’re worried how to keep your little ones entertained in a tent, take a look at our advice on camping with children.

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