British girl saves drowning 4-year-old

Holidaymaker, aged 9, puts swimming lessons into action


Nine-year-old Yasmin Tinnion from Cumbria has saved the life of a drowning girl whilst on holiday, reports the Metro.


Yasmin’s mum and dad hope their daughter’s actions will highlight just how important it is to teach children to swim. Yasmin has had weekly swimming lessons since she was 5, helping her become a strong swimmer and learn basic life saving.

Yasmin was swimming in a pool at the resort, when a girl aged around 4 years started to having trouble. “The girl was in the pool and was bobbing up and down, touching the bottom. She slipped down into a deeper bit. Her head was still up but she was going under and couldn’t swim,” Yasmin recalled.

The mum of the drowning girl couldn’t swim and was screaming and shouting.. Yasmin remained calm, swam over to the younger girl, took hold of her and carrier her to safety. Yasmin said it all happened so quickly that she didn’t have time to think about it.

Hotel managers at the resort in Sri Lanka have praised Yasmin, hailing her a hero.

Yasmin’s holiday will certainly be a memorable one! But it does show just how vital it is that our children know how to swim, and that we as parents follow water safety advice.

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