British midwife delivers baby in Australian storms

Off duty midwife saves the day after mum goes into labour during cyclone


A British midwife came to the rescue in Australia after a mum went into labour during the storms.


Carol Weeks, a midwife at Watford hospital, was on holiday in Australia with her husband Andrew when she was called on to help a mum-to-be.

The couple and mum-to-be were sheltering with others in the Redlynch State College evacuation centre while a cyclone raged outside.

“Someone said, ‘Is there a medic in the room?’ I said ‘I’m a midwife’, and they said ‘Oh good there is a baby due tomorrow’” explained Carol.


The delivery by new mum Akiko Pruss was described as “absolutely perfect” by quick-thinking Carol, who will no doubt have some real holiday tales to tell when she gets back to work…


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