British mums keep on trying until they have a girl

Study reveals that parents are more likely to try for a third baby if they have two boys


A worldwide study of over 600,000 parents by has revealed that UK parents who have two boys or more, are more likely to carry on trying for another baby. It’s thought this is because they hope they’ll conceive a baby girl.


Just like celebrity parents Victoria and David Beckham, who were open about the fact that they wanted a girl to add to their family of three boys, it seems that UK mums and dads are also keen on having a baby girl.

In the UK, parents were 3.2% more likely to try for another baby if they had two boys. However, the wish for a boy doesn’t seem quite so strong – with only 1.49% more likely to have another baby if they were already parents to two or more girls.

They also found that 16% families ‘keep on going’ until they have a child from both genders, especially if they have three boys – 34.5% higher than families who have three children of mixed genders.


Did you ‘keep on going’ to have children of both sexes?

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