British mums rate their parenting skills

New survey says only 4% of mums feel they are the perfect parent


A new poll has revealed that British mums are best at showing love and affection for their children, although overall, many mums think they could do better in other areas.


According to a survey of 1,000 British mums by One Poll, only 4% would say they are the perfect parent.

Mums said providing love for their offspring was their greatest skill, with over 50% rating themselves as nine or ten out of 10.

However, it seems some mums may need a Supernanny as most mums rated themselves 7 or under when it comes to discipline and saying no to their kids. Clearly, some mums still don’t feel confident in their disciplinary skills. 

Top 3 skills mums felt they were best at

  1. Showing affection
  2. Giving children the love they need
  3. Teaching children to be kind

Top 3 skills mums thought they were lacking

  1. Having time to play with their kids
  2. Being patient with them
  3. Disciplining

It’s good to know that mums don’t feel pressured to be ‘perfect’. Here are MFM we think mums should be the parent that works best for them. What parenting skills do you feel are you best? Let us know below…


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