Brits turning to hearty comfort food as top nosh

Bangers and mash, shepherds pie and spaghetti bolognese top the poll in new research.


Traditional grub has been revealed to be the nation’s favourite food. It seems that the more we feel the pinch in our pockets, the more we are turning to our favourite nostalgic foodie treats and eating our way through the recession, according to the survey of 3,000 British adults, by the UKTV Good Food channel.


Forget fancy, exotic dishes – what we want on our plate is fish and chips and beans on toast, with their attractive cost conscious price tag and yummy feel-good appeal.

Heinz has revealed a 21% jump in sales in the UK of its classic Baked Beans and the ultimate baddie, the chocolate cake scored 8% of the votes as a credit crunch fave.

However, the rise in comfort eating has also taken its toll on our waistlines. 77% admit to indulging in cheap food thrills during the recession and 57% reveal that they have gained an average of six pounds in weight during the last six months.

Top 10 credit crunch comfort foods

1.    Bangers and mash (16%)
2.    Fish and chips (15%)
3.    Baked beans on toast (10%)
4.    Chocolate cake (8%)
5.    Lasagne (7%)
6.    Spaghetti bolognese (5%)
7.    Treacle sponge and custard (5%)
8.    Fruit crumble and custard (5%)
9.    Shepherds pie (5%)
10.  Macaroni cheese (4%)


What do you think? Has your favourite comfort food fared well in the poll? Let us know below…

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