How fast they grow up! The day your baby turns into a troublesome teenager might seem a bit of a way off if you’re elbow-deep in nappies and bottles. But spare a thought for Victoria and David Beckham who’ve just found out their darling firstborn is a bit of a hell-raiser thanks to his loose-lipped girlfriend.


Chloe Grace Moretz of Kick-Ass fame, has revealed her rumoured boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham is a bit of a menace for pedestrians on his skateboard.

"I think he’s a risk taker, like a typical guy, weaving in and out of people. I’m a safety boarder – I don’t want to break any bones," she said.

Well we reckon the 15-year-old is probably just trying to impress the 17-year-old Kick-Ass actress.

But we wonder if his mum and dad will have something to say about his skateboarding antics!

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Speculation that the megastar teens are dating has been rife for months and according to friends, Posh and Becks have given the teens their ‘blessing’ to hang out this summer in LA.

Vics, just make sure he wears a helmet and elbow-pads, OK?


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