The surprising reason Brooklyn Decker cried after dropping her son at daycare

It's a moment that could go either way, and that many of us can relate to...


Whether it’s daycare, nursery or school – there comes a moment in pretty much every one of our lives where we have to drop our little ones off somewhere, and walk away.


And this can go one of 2 ways: either your tot turns on the waterworks, desperate not to leave you – or they’re so excited for their new adventure, that they’re straight off without even a second glance.

For US actress and model Brooklyn Decker, the latter happened when she dropped her 22-month-old son Hank off at daycare for the very first time.

And she was the one who ended up bawling ?????

In a super-relatable video shared to Instagram, Brooklyn’s pals film her teary reaction to Hank’s come-what-may approach to his new surroundings…

“It’s horrible. Oh my gosh, he was just totally fine,” Brooklyn told the camera between heavy sobs.

“There was this sweet old woman and he just grabbed her hand, like ‘Okay!’”

And she added in the caption: “Hank’s first day of daycare was the WORST. For me. It was the worst for me.

“He was completely thrilled. He didn’t even turn to say bye. “Peace out, mom” ?”

Awwww ? It gets easier, we promise ?

But there’ll be a few more teary moments ahead – as she’ll soon have a 2nd little one to drop off at daycare.

Yep, Brooklyn and tennis star husband Andy Roddick are expecting a baby girl. 

Though we’d guestimate that she’s not too far along in her pregnancy  – perhaps around 4 or 5 months – having announced it at the end of July.

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Image/video: Instagram/Brooklyn Decker

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