As we revealed back in September last year, Bugaboo is about to launch the Bugaboo Donkey - its first buggy in four years (an age for a buggy company!).


The buzz around the Bugaboo Donkey is massive and mums have been apparently falling over themselves to sign up for pre-orders. John Lewis have models on display but you can only pre-order and can't take home yet, while a baby store in New York was apparently charging happy mums $60 just to have a sneak preview of the Bugaboo newbie.

All this, despite the hefty price tag of £899 for the single version (Bugaboo Donkey mono in Bugaspeak), £1099 for the Bugaboo Donkey duo version and £1299 for the Bugaboo Donkey twin.

Oh, and that name. "We're so surprised about the reaction that we've had to the name," admitted a Bugaboo employee when we saw the Donkey revealed at the world's largest Nursery Trade Fair in Cologne last September. Perhaps the word donkey doesn't have such stubborn connotations in its native Netherlands.

It's anything but stubborn to push, as we found in our exclusive Bugaboo Donkey test drive!

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So the big sell (apart from the fact that it's a Bugaboo) is that it's an innovative convertible, allowing you to upgrade it from a single to a double for either toddler and baby or twins - but with a twist. In the mono version, there's an expandable side luggage basket that sits alongside your baby or child - a bit like a sidecar for your bags.

So what do you get for your money?

For £899, the Bugaboo Donkey Mono gives you:

1 base fabric set, 1 tailored fabric set and 1 rain cover

For £1099, the Bugaboo Donkey Duo gives you:

1 base carry cot fabric, 2 base seat fabrics, 1 tailored fabric set, 1 sun canopy and 2 rain covers

For £1299, the Bugaboo Donkey Twin gives you:

2 base fabric sets, 2 tailored fabric sets and 2 rain covers

If you have the Mono for an extra £200, you can buy the Duo Extension to convert it into a Duo with:

1 frame, 1 base seat fabric, 2 canopy wires, 1 rain covr and 1 sun canopy

The base fabric set comes in distinctive Bugaboo colours - black or sand. For the tailored fabric set choose from six colours: off-white, sand, red, pink, royal blue or black.


So will you splash out on a Bugaboo Donkey? Let us know...


Susie Boone, Editorial Director MadeForMums
Susie BooneEditorial Director, MadeForMums