Yesterday, we were watching actress Busy Philipps' Instagram Story, as we do basically every day ?


Because the 38-year-old, who is mum to 9-year-old daughter Birdie and 4-year-old daughter Cricket, is hilarious on Instagram Stories.

And some of her (now expired) posts really get us thinking, too. Here's an example:

The Dawson's Creek and Cougar Town star was live-streaming her way through her 20-year high school reunion, when she told fans that a former classmate had approached her and said: "By the way, I love your mombod!"


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Naturally, Busy was a bit taken aback by the random remark. She even seemed a tad offended by it at first.

There was a moment in the video where she, through sort-of shocked laughs, tried to work out if it was a compliment ("You look great!"), or whether it was a dig ("You can tell you've had kids!")

Busy later popped a post-reunion shot of her (obviously incredible) mum physique on her Story.

All this got us wondering, though: how do you feel about the term 'mumbod'? Here at MFM, we've always taken it to be a sweeping phrase for the body of any mum, of any shape or size.

Unlike 'dadbod', for example, which came to be a term to describe a dad who doesn't quite have a 6-pack.

And how would you feel if an acquaintance, mid-convo, complimented your 'mumbod'? Would it feel any different than if they'd simply complimented your figure?

We'd love to hear what you think - let us know in the comments below, on Facebook, or even on Instagram!

Images: Instagram/Busy Philipps

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