Caesareans don’t seem to affect how long mums breastfeed for

Ethnicity rather than C-sections impact breastfeeding


Contrary to popular belief, a new study has suggested having a caesarean doesn’t seem to affect how long a mother breastfeeds for.
Instead, researchers from the University of Manchester and the East Lancaster Primary Care Trust found ethnicity has the big impact, with white mums 70% more likely to stop breastfeeding than other ethnic groups.
The study followed 2000 mums who received breastfeeding support from the same organisation. On average, the mums followed for the study breastfed for 21 weeks, with white women tending to stop a number of weeks before black and Indian mums.
The study found having a Caesarean birth had no impact on the duration of breastfeeding, contrary to the idea they hamper breastfeeding due to the analgesics, or painkillers, that are used during and after c-sections.


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