Call to ban smoking in cars with children

Labour MP has called for a ban on smoking in cars where children are present, arguing it will have tremendous health benefits


A call for a law against smoking in cars that contain children has been made by Labour MP Alex Cunningham. The MP argues that children are especially susceptible to the effects of passive smoking and cannot avoid it in cars filled with cigarette smoke.


Alex admitted that the car is a private space for people but insisted that it belongs to children as well and they need to be protected from dangerous smoke.

“Adults can make up their own mind about the dangers of smoking. It is children we need to protect. The fact that children can be exposed to such an environment in cars is reason enough to bring in a ban on smoking in private vehicles where they are present,” said the Labour MP.

 “I can’t see how it would be a real hardship to anyone to stop smoking in private vehicles and the benefits will be tremendous,” he added.

The Labour MP pointed out that such a ban has already been introduced in several USA states, California included, and claims that it has growing support in the UK among health campaigners and the public.

One Tory MP called it “ludicrous” and “over the top”. Another Tory MP, Philip Davies, said it is up to the parents whether they smoke in cars or not and that there’s a “complete lack of evidence” for the benefits of such a ban.

MPs voted for the bill to be considered at a later date by 78 to 66.

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