MFM was invited to an exclusive press conference yesterday to meet some of the cast of What To Expect When You’re Expecting. For Cameron Diaz, it seems she knew exactly what to expect – a lot of questions about why she doesn’t have children.


Cameron says, “I’m nearly 40 years old, so I didn’t have to do a movie to sort of inform me on how I felt about children. Kinda know already.”

Cameron continues, “I love them [children] and I welcome them into my life. I want my own family when it’s time for me. I welcome it however it may come, be it through my own body or if I adopt, or if I have a partner who has a child, I welcome children in my life always and [I’m] excited for when it happens.”

When pushed on whether Cameron would ever look to use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever she wanted, she coolly replies, “If I was having a child, I would think that I would want to be the strongest I’ve ever been in my life if I was going to be squeezing a baby through my body. If I was going to be carrying it around, if I was afterwards going to be having sleepless nights, I would just want to be in the best shape of my life.”

Cameron adds, “I just think that it’s the hardest thing you could ever possibly do or ask your body to do.”

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With a constant interest in her pregnancy plans (whether she actually has any or not), Cameron jokes of the is-she-isn’t-she debate: “In our society we think that we’re supposed to have kids. And then they have kids and find out, wow, it really changes your life. And for me, I always knew it changed your life and I really have enjoyed my life and really enjoy living it the way I’ve lived it and I haven’t wanted to change it from that. And that’s why I haven’t had children.”

Cameron adds, “We all live differently and I choose to live this way.”

Does Cameron get frustrated that men aren’t asked the same questions? “I find it interesting. Men and women are different, we already know that,” Cameron jokes.

Perhaps hoping to put paid to further thoughts on her plans for children Cameron says, “They ask that question of women like me coz they’re like, your clock is ticking, your eggs are gonna be like, bad. What this movie illustrates is that you can have a family anyway you want to. You don’t have to have a family only by having your own child. There’s plenty of children out there in the world that need love. Someone might be able to give birth to a child but they may not be able to give love to a child. I know that I can give love to a child at any time, even if I can’t give birth to one.”


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