Campaign to save traditional children’s games

Presenter and mum Fiona Philips champions the good old days of skipping and conkers


Today’s children are missing out on traditional games, such as British Bulldog and skipping, says a new report.


As well as the fun, children are also missing out on the broad skills that these games provide, according to the Big Mothered Britain report, which surveyed 4,000 parents.

As youngsters, 94% of mums claimed to have skipped often, compared to 24% of girls today. As for the boys, 83% of dads said they played conkers as children, but only 37% of today’s boys said the same.

The results highlight the trend towards over-protective parenting and 74% of parents said that they were concerned about the detrimental effect on their children’s social skills with the rise of the computer game.

In response, TV personality and mum Fiona Philips is launching a campaign to bring back traditional games and ensure today’s children don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn vital skills.


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