Can daughters inherit high heel skills from mum?

Survey finds that mums who walk confidently in heels pass their techniques to their children


New research suggests that children who have a passion for shoes may have inherited this from their mum. Walking tests for mums and their daughters were conducted by Debenhams, and revealed that 87% of mothers who could walk confidently across a room in a wide range of heel heights had daughters who could do the same. But those mums who weren’t good at walking in heels were more likely to have daughters who couldn’t totter.


“Whether it’s genetics or training in teenage years, we may never know, but it’s clear that the saying “like mother like daughter” applies to walking in heels,” said Natelle Baddeley of Debenhams.

“The correlation was striking. We could almost pick out who was mother and daughter in a crowd just by the similarities as they walked in high heels,” added Natelle.

Maybe that’s why young Suri Cruise has a passion for high-heeled shoes at the age of 3 – or maybe it’s just that Katie Holmes chooses Suri’s wardrobe for her.

There was also a very strong connection between mums and daughters and their tastes in shoes, from colour to style -w ith 92% providing matching answers. But the reason why is unclear.

“Is it genetics? Or do young girls become accustomed to and copy their mother’s tastes in shows simply by wearing them during ‘dressing up’ as a child,” said Natelle.

If this is true, we can’t wait to see what heels little Harper Seven starts wearing, when mum Victoria Beckham struts around in those huge skyscraper heels, even when carrying her newborn!

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