Hoping to get pregnant next year and wondering whether or not it's going to happen? Well, this list of names might just have the answer - if your name's there, it could be your lucky year.


The names:

  1. Jessica
  2. Ashley
  3. Amanda
  4. Jennifer
  5. Sarah
  6. Stephanie
  7. Nicole / Nicola
  8. Heather
  9. Elizabeth
  10. Megan
  11. Melissa
  12. Amber
  13. Laura
  14. Emma
  15. Claire
  16. Catherine / Katherine
  17. Michelle
  18. Lisa
  19. Danielle
  20. Rachel
  21. Gemma
  22. Amy
  23. Rebecca
  24. Victoria
  25. Samantha
  26. Kelly

How does it work?

The list of names came from a spot of detective work from our friends at Closer magazine.

They found out that the current average age a woman has a baby is 29.8 years. They then looked at the most popular girls' names for babies born in 1986-1987 (ie 29 year ago) and came up with this list. Simple as that!

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If that's you - and it happens - PLEASE let us know!


*Please note this is not really based on much scientific fact at all....but we thought it was quite cool...


Tara BreathnachContent Editor and Social Media Producer

Tara is mum to 1 daughter, Bodhi Rae, and has worked as Content Editor and Social Media Producer at MadeForMums since 2015