Can we say goodbye to the traditional family model?

Majority of UK families feel they're not represented by politics, the media and advertising, according to new survey


Most families think they don’t conform to the traditional idea of a family, according to new research by The Centre for the Modern Family. Eight out of 10 parents surveyed said their family set up does not conform with the stereotypical idea of two married parents with two or more children.


Nearly 60% of people surveyed said that a couple with children didn’t need to be married to be a family, with 77% feeling that single parent families were just as much “proper” families as their coupled counterparts. But there was a significant minority who felt strongly that couples should be married to be a family and 29% thought that same-sex couples were not “proper” families.

The survey, organised by Scottish Widows, questioned 3,000 people aged 16 and over in the UK.

Experts have criticised the way questions were phrased in the study, however, saying that official statistics show the majority of couples with children are married, although they may not have the traditional 2.4 children.

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