England women’s football player Casey Stoney is doing some serious nesting ahead of her baby twins’ arrival.


The footballer announced the twin pregnancy with her partner and former Lincoln Ladies player Megan Harris in July. And now the due date is looming, the couple are busy trying to get everything ready.

However, Casey got a bit stuck when it came to choosing a new car.

"Time to start looking for a Twin friendly Car with a big boot for a double pram. Any advice as I'm pretty clueless??" she tweeted.

So any mums with experience of fitting double buggies in a car boot, do tweet Casey with your car suggestions.

The rest of Casey and Megan's organising is going a bit better...

"Chest of drawers built, wardrobe built (with lots of help) now to get the Moses baskets up and pack that hospital bag. Not long to go now," Casey tweeted last week. She also posted a pic of a colourful range of Funky Giraffe bibs that the couple h been sent "for the Twins #doubledribbling".

"It's all starting to feel very real now #ExcitingTimes," she tweeted alongside a picture of the matching Moses baskets.


And it’s not just the nesting that’s been making the babies’ arrival more real. Mum-to-be Megs has been experiencing familiar 3rd trimester symptoms of backache, breathlessness and swollen feet.

"It's all starting to feel very real (especially the backache and breathlessness) Will all be worth it though #gettingcloser #twins," Megs tweeted a month ago.

And where's the sympathy from partner Casey? She's swapped it for banter, affectionately poking fun at her pregnant girlfriend and particularly her kankles. "So we'll defo be alright if there's any floods with these Oars @MegsHarris7 #PregnancyProblems #kankles," Casey tweeted.

How well do we think that went down - having her legs and ankles compared to oars? Has Casey never been warned about raging pregnancy hormones...

Photos: Twitter / Casey Stoney and Twitter / ITV Lorraine

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