Chris Hoy tweets first picture of premature son

The Olympic champion cyclist says baby Callum is "doing well so far"


When Chris Hoy’s son was born 11 weeks early he was “shocked” to say the least. But 3 weeks later the 6-time Olympic champion cyclist has proudly shared a picture of his son on Twitter to reassure fans that “he’s doing well”.


“Thanks for all your messages for Callum. He’s doing well so far and says hi!” he tweeted. In the picture, Callum appears to still be in intensive care with a tube for feeding and is hooked up to monitors. But he’s an expressive little baby and looks curious that his dad is taking a picture!

“The messages of support we’ve received about Callum mean so much. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. They have really, truly helped,” Callum’s mum Sarra added.

At the time, Sir Chris and wife Sarra were “amazed” to announce the birth of their baby, just 29 weeks into the pregnancy.

The 38-year-old new dad shared a picture of his first baby’s tiny hand clutching his finger 3 weeks ago.

“Although v early days for wee Callum, he’s doing well – as is Sarra. Huge thanks to incredible medical staff,” he tweeted at the time.

We’re so glad he’s doing well. Best wishes to you all!

Photo: Twitter / Chris Hoy

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