Can you pop a baby out like a cork?

Car mechanic invents 'plastic-bag' device for delivering babies


They say inspiration comes from the strangest places – and in this case, it’s true. An Argentinian car mechanic, inspired by a party trick on YouTube, has invented a ‘potentially revolutionary’ new device that could help women during childbirth.


After watching a video where a loose cork was pulled out of the middle of an empty bottle using an inflated plastic bag, Jorge Odon – who has five children of his own – investigated whether the same technique could be applied to delivering babies. He came up with a device that wraps a baby’s head in a plastic bag, then inflates it, so that it can then be pulled through the birth canal (with the baby) more gently than can be done with the traditional forceps or ventouse.

Yes, we know! *shudders at thought*

But actually the Odon Device is being taken very seriously by obstetricians and has even been endorsed by The World Heath Organisation. Trials are being carried out in Argentina, and it may be that the device will soon be used on labour wards the world over.

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