This is a bit of fun. Are you curious as to what colour eyes your unborn baby might have?


Well, now you can find out - or have a bit of a laugh guessing, anyway, with this eye colour predictor.

The video makers, BrightSide, have put in all the likely scenarios based on parents' eye colour, and worked out the ensuing odds for the baby's colouring.

For example, a green and brown-eyed mum and dad are 50 per cent likely to have a baby with brown eyes, and have a 12 per cent chance of having a bubba with baby blues, while a mum with blue eyes and a dad with brown eyes have even odds of their baby having one or the other of those eyes colours.

Genetics and dominant colours come into it, too, of course - brown eyes are more dominant than green or blue, while green is dominant over the blue eye gene.

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A few parents have been quick to comment on the video and point out that it wasn't quite correct for them, however.

"My mum has green and dad blue. They got two kids with brown eyes, one with blue and one with green.

"And we all have different hair colour," one wrote on the Bright Side Facebook page, adding: "Hang on, maybe the postman has something to do with this..." Oops.

We still think it's a bit of fun though - give it a whirl and see if it' accurate for you.

Picture: Facebook/BrightSide

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