The baby photos we capture are often sweet, frame-worthy mementos. Or Snapchat-friendly shots showcasing the slightly less glamorous sides of motherhood.


But mum-of-2 Olivia Wilde’s latest photo is neither of those things: instead, it’s an optical illusion.

Quite a funny one at that ???

Olivia shared an Instagram photo of herself holding 4-month-old daughter Daisy Josephine, and it’s really beautiful: bundled-up Daisy stares wide-eyed into the camera, while Olivia plants a little kiss on her cheek.

There’s just one tiny thing out of place...

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Have you spotted it yet?

It would appear that Daisy’s got a rather giant hand for a baby ?

Olivia, in on the joke, captioned the pic: "#❤ #giantbabyhand"

Here at team MFM, one of us managed to spot it straight away, while it took a few of us a couple of minutes to notice anything unusual about the pic.

We do have to wonder how long it took Olivia’s hubby Jason Sudeikis to spot the illusion. We're guessing the couple’s 1st child, 2-year-old son Otis, won’t have picked up on it yet ?

Images: Instagram/Olivia Wilde

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