Carly Cole unveils baby daughter Ruby Tatiana

Footballer Joe Cole’s WAG reveals reasons behind the name choice and how she’s destined to be a daddy’s girl

Gracing the cover of Hello! magazine, a bewildered looking Ruby Tatiana stares into the camera lens for her very first photo shoot, 4 weeks after arriving in the world. Joe Cole’s WAG and new mum, Carly, has introduced her baby daughter for the first time as part of a candid insight into their lives as new parents.


“She is the absolute mini-Joe,” the 25-year-old admitted. “He’s already talking about what sports he wants her to play – he wants her to learn to play tennis.”

Predicting how little Ruby will be a “daddy’s girl”, Carly revealed that Chelsea player Joe, 28, is a hands-on dad. “He’s more of a worrier than me and very protective.” Sharing the reasons behind the exotic name choice, it seems that Ruby has her footballer dad to thank. “I told Joe if he was good when I was in labour, he could choose the name,” Carly said.


On whether we’ll see a mini-me WAG following Carly’s footsteps is set to be seen, as despite their riches, the new mum has promised to be strict. “We definitely don’t want her to be spoilt.”

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