Cars 2 – the movie, the toys and the prizes!

Lightning McQueen is going to be EVERYWHERE in the next few months. If your little one is a Cars fan, you’d better buckle up


The original Cars movie, released back in 2006, may not have achieved the same rave reviews as Pixar blockbusters Toy Story or Up, but boy, did it spawn a lot of toys.


Lightning McQueen and his friends were branded over everything from lunch boxes to toothbrushes.

Cars 2 merchandise is already filling up shop shelves – there’s a fantastic Scalextric racing set we’re predicting will do big things this Christmas.

The movie, Cars 2, is out in cinemas tomorrow and is going to thrill high-action car fans – it’s filled with explosions, speed and bombs from the very beginning. It’s visually exciting enough to keep four year olds happy as well as older siblings.

It’s not just a boys’ movie, but saying that, it is perfect entertainment for boys who are obsessed with speed, wheels and racing. More Incredibles than Wall-E or Finding Nemo, Cars 2 is a real caper movie with a dash of James Bond.

And of course, like all great Pixar movies, it’s about friendship – realising who your friends are, after nearly losing them.

Looking at the kids movies lined up for the summer holidays, Cars 2 is set to be a real winner. And with the merchandise, it’s going to run and run…


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