Cat Deeley left with black eye after playtime with Milo

The TV star was left bruised after playing musical instruments with her 14-month-old...


“I was attacked by a small child and a plastic guitar,” is now a phrase that So You Think You Can Dance presenter Cat Deeley can actually say.


Yep, it seems the 40-year-old telly star has officially joined the very exclusive club of mums who’ve accidentally been battered by their little ones during playtime.

(By ‘very exclusive’, we mean ‘basically all of us’.)

Taking to Instagram to announce her membership, Cat posted a shot of the culprit – her 14-month-old son Milo’s mini ukelele.

She held it up alongside the (rather sore-looking) purplish bruise under her eye, and joked in the caption:

“Aaaaaaadriaaaaaan! Adventures of Rocky…. GBH by a 14 month old with a deadly musical instrument. ????????#momlife”

Many of Cat’s followers couldn’t help but laugh at her jovial post, as they too were club members.

One mum shared: “I got a plastic phone right btw the eyes on a plane during take off! ? I was seeing stars for the rest of the flight!! ✨?✨ LOL”

Another added: “My 11 month old thinks it’s just hilarious to repeatedly slap me across the face ? I feel like I’m raising a tiny psychopath ?”

And another wisely warned (though perhaps too late): “Never mess with a toddler holding a musical instrument!”

Even here at MFM, the parents on our team quickly recalled their own toddler-injury incidents with a smirk ?

So, welcome to the club, Cat! We hope your eye feels better soon ?

Images: Instagram/Cat Deeley

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