"But mummy/daddy, I reaaaaally want a *cat/*dog/*guinea pig/*stick insect!!!" *delete as appropriate ?


It's a battle cry many, many of us will have heard from our kids.

But one determined daughter decided to go a step further than incessant begging: she started a wall of shame to convince her dad to get her a cat ?

Her collage included notes saying things like: "your [sic] letting them die in a tiny box doing nothing but crying" and "please please please please please please please" along with pictures of cute cats.

Don't forget the cartoons of crying cats, with arrows pointing towards their tears, with a variety of captions. Our fave? "This is your fault"

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Pics of the cat wall of shame were shared on Twitter by the girl's sister, but what we really want to know is: did all the pleading work?


Judging by this pic - yes it did!

Nice one, dad ??

Image: Danielle Grubisic on Twitter

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