Cath Kidston: Home Sweet Home

With her whimsical designs, 1950s inspired homely items and feel-good, chintzy prints – it's little wonder Cath Kidston is flourishing in these hard times. She's seen profits jump up 60%, bringing her dreamlike nostalgia to the forefront. Items such as sewing kits, garden baskets and kitchen pinnies are perfect for mums wanting to create a homely nest.


So what's her secret? All items evoke a 1950s-style domesticity which is very MIY (Make it Yourself) and also, very now.

Check out our selection of the best Cath Kidston items for mum and baby…


Blue Spot Cooks Apron, £18

Wear this when baking your own bread, cookies, muffins... Delve into the MIY state of mind and get elbow deep in home cooking. Include the children by encouraging them to create recipes and decorate cakes.


Spray Flowers Oilcloth laundry Bag, £35

Storing laundry has never been so stylish. Your little helpers will definitely want to get in on the act with this beautiful, space saving bag.


House Sewing Basket, £35

Keep your needle and thread in this adorable house shaped sewing basket. Learn to knit your own scarves, jumpers and mitts for the winter months and encourage your children to start sewing.A nifty little box you can whip out at emergencies!


Folks Flowers Garden Basket, £30

Go for a walk around your garden and get stuck into pulling weeds, planting seeds and picking flowers. A great place to store any interesting finds in the garden and beyond - you could even take it strawberry picking!

More like this

Rose Bunch Stone Book Bag, £16

The best companion for those who carry a lot of baggage! Perfect for books, toys and everyday small items - this is a family essential.


Kids Racing Car Breakfast Set, £20

This little carry case is brilliant for encouraging children to eat their breakfast. Clad in a funky racing car motif, it comes complete with a mug, egg cup, bowl and plate. When you have finished, simply put it back in the tin case for the next day!


Cowboy and Red mini dot print cushion, £6 each

Lay your head on one of these chintzy printed cushions. Cowboys on the front and red dots on the back. It's versatile and will brighten up any room with its cheery colours.


Boat print teddy, £6

Your toddler can snuggle up with this cuddly teddy bear, emblazoned with calming sail boats. The perfect addition to any bed, whatever your age!


Cowboy Nappy Bag. £60

Carrying your baby's essentials needn't be a drag. Bring this shoulder candy with you and let it cheer you up with its punchy western theme.


Rose Pyjama set, £48

Stroll round the house in these gorgeous floral print PJs which will keep you warm, comfy and very vintage!


Spray Flowers Pram Blanket, £15

Wrap your baby up in this spray flower print pram blanket and bring a touch of nostalgia to your babe's pushchair.


Electric Flowers Roberts Radio, £200"

This chirpy, psychedelic radio oozes retro flair and is a must-have in every family's kitchen. Switch it on and indulge in a family-dance-off!