Corrie actress Catherine Tyldesley has racked up over 25k likes on Instagram - after posting a very heartfelt poem about the realities of mum life.


She and husband Tom Pitfield have a 3-year-old son, Alfie, and she perfectly sums up some of the struggles – and the joys – she experiences with her tot:

Catherine’s poem...

“When you’ve been awake since 5am before it’s even light... after several ‘wake up attempts’ vs tears through the long, long night

When you forget his change of clothes, his bottle, his teddy, his car... when the 7.30 bed time seems oh so very far

When he bangs his head, because you turned your back so you could have a flippin a wee

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When he’s sick in your hair, wets the bed and puts felt tip all over your knee

When you get to the gym covered in yogurt, avocado in your hair

When he stomps his feet, throws his toys- crying ‘mummy it isn’t fair’

When you long for Gin but it’s 10 am and you know you’ll have to wait

When he’s the only one covered in mud when exits that new school gate

When you burn his tea, lose Peppa Pig and rip his best magazine

Don’t start to crumble mummy bee - remember YOU are his Queen!

Being a mummy isn’t easy but YOU really are doing great, even when covered in poop and running 2 hours late!!

Mum guilt is a given - it shows how much you care

So go on that bloody spa day - it really is TOTALLY fair!!

These days with my man are precious, I’ll never get them back

Giggles, joy and laughter - things he’ll NEVER lack

Every day is a journey - as my heart swells with love, Son you are my world- an angel from above,

To all the mums out there, keep your heads held high - mums are something special, a diamond from the sky

They’ll thank you when they’re older, for all the love you showered -I’m hoping these true words will make you feel empowered.

There’s nothing stronger than a mother - or her love for her child (even though their tantrums sometimes drive you wild)

Keep going mummy dear! These years don’t last forever. Make these memories now - bind your hearts together.”


It’s not just the likes that matter, it's the monumental amount of commenters who could totally relate to Catherine’s experience of having a toddler:

“Always think celebrities have the life but you’re just a mum like the rest of us” one mum commented, while another agreed: “so glad it’s not just me!”

So even if you have been awake since 5am, or recently lost your little one’s fave cuddly toy (we repeat: do no panic), keep on going, make those memories – and be good to yourself, too!

Whether that means a self-pat on the back, a spa day (yes please) or opening a cheeky bottle of wine at the end of an evening - you deserve it.

After all, as @aunticath17 says, you’re the Queen Bee ?

Images: Instagram/Catherine Tyldesley

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