CBB’s Alice Douvall clashes with Katie Hopkins over toddler diets

The conversation on Celebrity Big Brother turned to enforcing the 'no sugar' rule at birthday parties


It’s not often the conversation on Celebrity Big Brother turns to toddler eating habits, but on Tuesday night’s show British model and plastic surgery enthusiast Alicia Douvall talked about her daughter’s strict diet.


Fellow housemate and mum-of-3 Katie Hopkins was not impressed.

35-year-old Alicia explained that her 3-year-old daughter Papaya has a vegetarian diet at most times unless she specifically asks for meat. Papaya’s apparently only asked for it twice so far. Alicia also revealed she doesn’t let her daughter have sugar in her diet.

That led housemate Cami Li to ask what happens if Papaya is invited to a birthday party. Alicia replied that she won’t let her daughter go to birthday parties unless the parents specifically cater for her daughter’s diet, according to the Daily Mail. Meanwhile, Katie Hopkins added that if Alicia said that to her, she wouldn’t invite her daughter to the party and said she avoids “weirdo mums” at all costs.

Do you enforce a strict diet on your toddler? And do you think Alicia is a “weirdo mum”? Let us know in the comments below…

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