Celeb mum angry her baby weight was airbrushed off!

Reality star Kourtney Kardashian gets tweeting after magazine got her pregnancy weight gain wrong

Speaking for new mums everywhere, American reality star, Kourtney Kardashian has spoken out after the US edition of OK! magazine airbrushed her post-baby tummy to make her appear slimmer on the cover.


The magazine claimed to have an exclusive interview with the star, saying they had the secrets of how she lost her 26 pounds of baby weight after welcoming son, Mason.

The new mum took to her Twitter page to let off steam, tweeting, “One of those weeklies got it wrong again, they didn’t have an exclusive interview with me. And I gained 40 pounds not 26, but thanks.” What a breath of fresh air!


In the picture featured on the cover of the magazine, Kourtney’s tummy was digitally slimmed down to make it seem like she had already lost her baby weight, with her midriff area cut down to around half its original size.

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