Celebrity bumps, babes and pregnancy rumour round-up

Exciting births, a twin trend, pregnancy rumours and even whispers of a pregnancy race…it’s all going on in the world of the celebrity mums


We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for Amanda Holden to go into labour – hopefully it won’t be during the filming of Britain’s Got Talent. That’d surely get a buzz from Simon Cowell! Although, Amanda’s pretty confident she’s got Simon wrapped around her little finger, joking she’s going to make him godfather so he can’t fire her. Cheeky!


Jessica Simpson finally admitted she was pregnant after trying to hide her tum from the baby bump spotlight.  Since then there’s been no stopping her and we’ve heard everything from how much flatulence she’s got to what sweet treats she’s treating herself to.

Peaches Geldof’s also spoken out about her pregnancy, excitedly revealing her baby will be born on the 24th April, her mum’s birthday! She’s also been reportedly cobbling together quite an interesting (and long!) name for the soon to be grandchild of Bob Geldof…watch this space.

Rumours have been rife among the Aniston and Pitt/Jolie camps, with suggestions the pair are locked in a pregnancy race. After appearing to hide her tummy again, it’s believed Jen could be as much as six months along. Whispers that Angelina and Brad were considering adopting again have been replaced by reports the pair are actually expecting their seventh child. Although, Angelina’s recent appearance at the Producers Guild Award in a figure hugging black lace dress suggested the rumours really are, er, rumours.

Hot from battling the media in the courts, Sienna Miller’s also found herself the centre of a pregnancy rumour. The star’s yet to confirm or deny the rumours, so we’re on major bump watch. Imagine the maternity clothes!

Una Healy and fiancé Ben Foden have kept us busy this month with adorable bump pics, scary fainting stories and cute shopping trips. The newest member of the Saturdays is reportedly due in March and Una’s said to be delighted to be expecting a girl. She also loves her pregnancy boobs and likes people touching her bump.

Twins seem to be the flavour of the month after Paul Weller welcomed new baby twins and Kelsey Grammar announced his partner’s expecting twins too. Looks like Mariah Carey and J-Lo have started their very own twin trend.

Talking of starting trends – David and Victoria Beckham’s first girl, Harper, is yet to be seen looking anything less than perfect. We’re uber jealous of her Chloe tights. Yes, seriously. We’re even more jealous of how cute she looks when David carries her- he even joked all his salary goes towards her clothes. David also admitted he likes buying her hair bows, aww!

Baby fever hit Hollywood diva style following the birth of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter. Amidst the storm of high security, fake birth stories and million pound nursery rumours this celeb power duo have managed to keep Blue completely under wraps. Hopefully Jessica Alba’s tips on selling the first pics will encourage the pair to finally give us a glimpse of baby B.

Lily Allen certainly seems on board with this hiding lark though, keeping Ethel Mary’s name hidden. The same can’t be said when it comes to stories about her leaky breasts though! If Jennifer Garner’s kids get their own way she too might want to hide the name of her new baby, who’s rumoured to be due in the Spring, as they’re keen on a Disney inspired name.

Michelle Heaton thankfully opted to name her baby Faith, after toying with the idea of Baby Girl Heaton (shudder!). But, it seems Michelle’s having to put a lot of faith in the healing powers of Twitter, telling her followers her little one hasn’t quite got the hang of what bed time means

With so many babies already expected in April we’re holding our breath for the next shock announcement…


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