We predict Suri Cruise will grow up to be...

Suri Cruise manages to fit in a successful Hollywood acting career around her modelling, singing gigs and working at Vogue, all led by her manager dad (and washed up actor) Tom Cruise.


However, after deciding she wasn’t being creative enough, Suri tries her hand at designing shoes - she feels well qualified after spending her childhood wearing rather nice ones.

After a successful debut collection, 'Suri Shoes' is now the biggest selling footwear brand in the world, knocking Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blanik off the top spots. In fact, Suri even has Christian Louboutin working for her, and they collaborate on the world’s first high heel shoe collection for children.

We predict the Beckhams will grow up to be...

Brooklyn Beckham

The quieter Beckham brother steps away from the limelight and takes ‘Brand Beckham’ into his own hands. Brooklyn manages Victoria and David Beckham’s careers – Victoria’s fashion collection for pensioners and David’s Y-front underwear campaigns and over-60s football club.

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Romeo Beckham

Romeo blossoms into a handsome young man and is scouted by a top modeling agency whilst watching a football match in LA. Romeo is a regular on the international catwalk, walking for high-end fashion brands and always signing lucrative modelling contracts. Romeo also appears in a father-and-son Armani campaign, which puts him on the map.

Cruz Beckham

With a wardrobe to rival his mum Victoria, Cruz Beckham decides to follow her into fashion. But after being approached by P Diddy, who saw Cruz busting moves on the dance floor in an exclusive club in LA, Cruz abandons his fashion line and pursues a career as a professional break dancer. He's the one often seen spinning on his head during concerts.

Harper Seven Beckham

Despite inheriting million of pounds worth of vintage fashion, handbags and a lifetime supply of Christian Louboutins from her fashion-mad mum, Harper Seven decides to become a footballer!

Shunning mum’s pleas to be ‘girlie’, tomboy Harper loves nothing more than donning her bespoke No.7 shirt and kicking a ball around. Harper wins championship after championship and is soon managing a Premier League team.

We predict the Jolie-Pitt children will grow up to be...

Zahara Jolie-Pitt

After spending her early years looking after her five siblings, Zahara uses her celebrity status to open a chain of global orphanages. Zahara spends her time looking after children from around the world, and even has four adopted children of her own – just like her own mother Angelina Jolie.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

After showing off her love of animals (well, dead ones!) at a young age, tomboy Shiloh chooses to become a Taxidermist, training in her birth town of Namibia, where she’s more famous for her stuffed animals than her former life in the spotlight as part of the 'rainbow family.'

Maddox Jolie-Pitt

Mummy’s boy Maddox breaks free from the busy family nest to pursue a career in the kitchen. Yes, Angelina’s eldest boy shunned a career in showbiz, and after a short stint as a hairdresser to the stars (who all wanted his famous Mohawk style) he decides his skills are as a chef, having spent his childhood teaching his parents how to cook. He has Michelin-star restaurants in NYC, LA and London - these are so exclusive, even his former A-lister parents have to make reservations!

Pax Jolie-Pitt

After excelling in eight different languages, multi-lingual genius Pax becomes a language teacher. Pax tries his hand at acting in small independent films in foreign languages, but feels he works better helping others to learn.

Knox Jolie-Pitt

Inheriting his dad’s gorgeous looks, Knox is a well-known party boy in the Los Angeles socialite circle. Using his famous surname to his full advantage, Knox woes Hollywood agents (and the ladies) with his looks and charm. His family tree ensures he gets the best roles, most money and VIP status in every club. Rumour has it that the single lad about town has his eye on a certain Miss Suri…

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

A determined actress, Vivienne inherits her mother’s feisty ambitious streak and opts for gritty roles as well as blockbusters. She is happily married to fellow actor Levi McConaughey (Matthew’s son) after they met on set and fell in love… just like Vivienne’s parents Brad and Angelina!

We predict Kingston and Zuma Rossdale will grow up to be...

After years living in the shadow of their rock star parents, Kingston and Zuma Rossdale decide to start their own rock band, with Zuma on the drums and Kingston as the front man. The ‘Rozzdale’ brothers are a massive success and tour the world before burning out and calling it a day.

Kingston Rossdale decides to use his experience as his mum Gwen Stefani's clothes horse to design his own fashion label, ‘Lamb Chop’, an ode of his mum Gwen Stefani's previous line LAMB. He is the darling of the fashion world.

Zuma Rossdale, the youngest and quieter brother, decides to revive his parents' rock career by becoming the manager for their comeback tour.

We predict Harlow and Sparrow Richie-Madden will grow up to be...

Harlow Richie-Madden

Harlow's life runs an uncanny paralell to her mum's. Harlow breaks away from her childhood friend and ‘It’ girl Honor Marie Alba (Jessica Alba's daughter) after they appear in a string of reality TV shows together. Harlow decides to pursue her childhood dream – ballet dancing. Harlow trained as a tot and loves nothing more than wearing her pink tutu. Spurred on proud mum Nicole Richie, Harlow becomes a world-class ballet teacher, touring the world in successful ballet shows.

Sparrow Richie-Madden


After watching his rock star dad Joel getting inked with tattoos over the years, Sparrow decides to train as a tattooist – practicing on his dad of course! He opens up his own store, which is the place to go for celeb spotting. Dad Joel Madden sometimes sings to punters while they’re having their tats done, to ease the nerves.