Celebrity dads just can’t keep mum about their preferred baby sex…

So why ARE mums so reluctant to say whether they'd like a boy or girl?


It would seem that there’s quite a few showbiz dads who sure aren’t backwards in coming forward when it comes to knowing what they want in terms of the boy-girl order of their family – which is quite unusual when you think of how rarely you ever hear a mum expressing a preference.


It’s always the diplomatic ‘I don’t care as long as he or she is healthy’, right? (Unless you’re Naomi Watts or Coleen Rooney (er, speaking before the birth of her 3rd son) who have both previously ‘fessed up they would like to have a little girl from the POV of already being the mums of boys).

The singer dad

But back to the baby-daddies: just last week, dad-of-3 Peter Andre confessed he was hoping his wife Emily gives birth to a little boy this time round, a brother for their daughter Amelia, and a half-bro for his two children with Katie Price, Princess and Junior.

The chef dad 

Jamie Oliver said before the birth of his 5th child last week that he was hoping for a second son, too.

“I’d like a boy for balance,” he said in an interview with OK! magazine before the family’s latest arrival popped out.

“Buddy and I are overwhelmed and I feel vulnerable. A little bit more testosterone would really help, I think, and Jools agrees.

“But seriously, we don’t know what the baby is going to be and I’ll be grateful for the safe arrival of whatever we get.”

(Aw, he did so want a son though, didn’t he? He must be pretty pleased.)

The sporty dad

And the sporting A list are no less retiring when it comes to putting in their gender-specific requests to the stork, either.

Swimmer Michael Phelps recently told People magazine that he really wants to have a little girl next – although he was very pleased he and wife Nicole Johnson had their little boy Boomer first.

“So we started off on a perfect note: We got a boy. We got a beautiful, healthy baby boy, and we’re looking to continue to grow our family,” he said, before spilling: “We would love a girl. Love, love, love a girl.”

And his reason for being so happy that his son arrived first? Again, more daddy openness that we doubt we’d ever hear coming from a mum’s lips:

“We wanted a boy first, just in case we did have other children, [so] he could be the protector of his younger sibling or siblings.” 

What do you think?

How do you feel about parents being so vocal about their preferred sex? Have you bucked the trend as a mum and been totally honest about whether you’d rather have a boy or girl?

Or do you think there is too big a chance of NOT getting what you secretly want to even think it?

Do let us know in the comments or over on our Facebook page – we really think this one’s going to divide opinion…

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