We were joined by Prima Baby celebrity columnist and working mum-of-two Myleene Klass, for a LIVE WEBCHAT. Read the questions and answers from her session below:

Question: As a full-time working mum of two (beautiful) little girls, I sometimes feel guilty about leaving them to go to work - do you ever feel the same, and if so, do you have any tips on dealing with this??

Myleene's Answer: You don't sound so happy please stop beating yourself up, all of us feel guilt for every reason under the sun, working too hard, not working hard enough... The main thing is your family are happy and healthy, you're doing an amazing thing providing for them as well as showing your girls they can be independent women too. Don't listen to anyone else's advice, you know what is best for your family.

Question: I love your BabyK clothing range, i bought lots of very cute outfits for my little boy when he was a baby. Now he is 2 yrs old I can never find any older sizes in my local Mothercare, what age range does the collection go up to?

Myleene's Answer: Thank you so much for supporting BabyK, I like your style! The range, due to popular demand now goes up to 5 years old, and if you can't get it in Mothercare stores, go to babykworld.com. Would you believe, I often have trouble getting my hands on some of the more popular items too. But that is not a bad thing! Pls send me some piccies! @klassMyleene

Question: You looked great on Popstar to Operastar last week. How have you managed to get back into shape so soon since giving birth? Do you have a strict exercise programme or is it is gene thing!?

Myleene's Answer: Thank you for being so kind, believe me, how you look and how you feel can often be miles apart, as any new mum will tell you. I'm still spinning with tiredness from the night feeds. I don't have an exercise routine at the moment, namely because I'm allergic to the gym. I have decided not to be so hard on myself and just enjoy my babies and my chocolate buttons!

Question: My hubby is not very hands-on with our two children. Is Gray helpful with your little girls? And do you have any tips that I can use on my husband?

Myleene's Answer: Lucky you! I must say Gray is very hands-on and also very funny in his execution, whenever it's his turn to look after the baby he lays everything out in very specific piles as if he's going to war! My way of doing things is a little more 'organic', and, according to him, chaotic! My advice would be to keep on encouraging your husband as everyone likes to know they're doing a good job, and when it comes to babies a lot of it is down to confidence, as let's be honest, do any of us really know what we're doing?!

Question: Congratulations on Ava and baby Hero - they sound like gorgeous girls. I am mum to an 11-month-old daughter (my first baby) and am planning to go back to work in September - but already feel worried about where my little girl will feel happiest while I'm at work. Does Ava go to a nursery or have a nanny when you work?

PS. I read your book while I was pregnant and loved it - thank you!

Myleene's Answer: Poor you! It's a very, very difficult thing to do and no-one can look after your baby as well as you, which makes it even harder when it comes to the 'handover'. Ava is at nursery three times a week, and loves it, but does come to work with me on the other days, and Hero is sitting here checking my spelling right now. The bottom line is you have to choose what you think is right for your family. Because I don't have a desk job, or anything regular, my family can afford to be slightly nomadic. Just try out a few options and your family will be the first to tell you if it's not working.

Question: Your skin always looks great Myleene! What's your secret? Do you have any favourite beauty products?

Myleene's Answer: Some of it is genes, and some of it is Decleor, Carita suncream, and Eight Hour Cream. I would like to add sleep into the mix, but I don't think I'm ever going to sleep a full night ever again!

Question: I'm having my first baby in November, what one piece of advice could you not have lived without once you had a chance to reflect on becoming a mum?

Myleene's Answer: I'm so glad you asked this question because the answer is SO important, and that is 'mama knows best', and when I say 'mama' I mean you, not your mum, not your MIL, not your friends or anyone else for that matter. In their eagerness to help they will gladly offer advice, some wanted, some not, just adopt the mummy grin and take it graciously (this avoids many fights), and mutter the mantra 'mama knows best'.

Question: What's the one baby product you can't live without?

Myleene's Answer: My washing machine. It broke down two weeks ago, and I actually knelt before it trying to coax life out of it. It's doing load after load, and without it my family would disappear under a pile of muslins, babygros and PE kit.

Question: I read that you went back to work really soon after the birth of Hero. That must have been so hard! I had 8 months off with my baby. I can't imagine how hard it is to go back to work so soon. Even Victoria B was saying she isn't planning to take any maternity leave with baby No 4 because she is too busy working. How do you cope?

Myleene's Answer: It was reported INCORRECTLY that I went back to work after 10 days! This would have been a miracle as I didn't leave the house for two weeks, let alone change out of my pyjamas and walk into a studio. In fairness the work I do allows me to bring my babies (Hero is sitting on my lap right now) and both my girls came down to watch Popstar to Operastar being filmed. If I'm completely honest, I find staying at home the REAL WORK, not only is it relentless, but also a thankless task when you've done three loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen surface a gazillion times, made the beds, and had your partner say 'Glad you're having a day off'. Stay at home mums are the unsung heroes of the world. FACT!

Question: I'm expecting my first baby in August and I'm terrified by the thought of giving birth. Did you have any pre-birth fears and if so how did you overcome them?

Myleene's Answer: Firstly, I won't lie, it is painful, but you already know this, that's why it's called labour. However, stop listening to everyone's birth stories, horror stories, and husband's version of events. No two labours are the same, my own two were very different. With Ava it was 24 hours of hard work, with Hero it was 2 hours, and I was home with time to pick up a chicken korma on the way, and wish my mum and dad a happy anniversary. You will be amazing, women are amazing. That's why we get the job of doing it.

Question: Were you shocked at how much busier life is with two small children than one? No one warned me how hectic, and loud life would be! How do you wind down after a crazy day?

Myleene's Answer: Wind down after a crazy day? Doesn't it just roll over into a crazy night?! I love the madness that two girls bring. I think I find it a little easier going from one to two, than I did going from no children to one, as I have half an idea of what to expect. I have also learnt to just roll with everything, and that chaos is now the order of the day. I have also accepted that I will never drink a hot cup of tea ever again.

Question: I'm pregnant and am having a nightmare choosing names and agreeing on one with my husband! How did you come up with the lovely names Ava and Hero? Also did you find out the sexes of your daughters at the scan? I can't decide whether to do that either! From a happy mum-to-be with a very indecisive baby mind!

Myleene's Answer: I found out the sex of both babies. So many people asked if I wanted to keep it a surprise, but the surprise for me would be an alien coming out instead of a 50/50 chance of a boy or girl. With regards to the names, we had a shortlist but after Gray saw the effort of the labour, he left the naming to me.....somehow I don't think he wanted the argument. Wise!