Celebs encourage dads to hit the kitchen

Celebrity ‘dad icons’ mean almost half of men now take to the stove to prepare family dinner


Dads everywhere are dusting off their pinnies and whipping up family meals regularly throughout the week, OXO has revealed. And it’s not mums that have prompted this interest in pots and pans, it’s the pressure of celebrity dads!


Four in 10 young dads cook dinner every day for their family, admitting Jamie Oliver, Peter Andre and David Cameron have influenced them. David Beckham had 12% of the 2,000 men polled shaking in their dad boots, but Jamie Oliver and his 30-minute meals came out on top – pukka! 

So-called ‘modern day men’ are most prominent in Liverpool where 66% of dads cook family dinner more than three times a week. While this might all sound a bit too good to be true, almost two thirds revealed they actually enjoyed taking on household chores, yippee!

It seems like these chop-happy-dads are doing a pretty good job too, with 91% of mums saying they feel confident in their partners cooking ability. We’re sure they do (wink, wink, mums!).

Christine Webber, psychotherapist, broadcaster and writer, said, “There has been a huge shift in what we perceive as a ‘typical’ family.” Now, if we could just get a celeb dad doing some washing up….


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